The PHS Guidance Department has four professional school counselors and a school registrar. Ms. Schultz and Ms. Michalak are the school counselors for those students whose last names fall between the letters A - K. Mr. Church is the school counselor for those students whose last names fall between the letters L - Z. These school counselors are available to assist students with their academic needs and post-secondary planning.  Mrs. Ashley Siemion is the school counselor who provides personal/social-emotional counseling-related services for all students. Mrs. Marlene Murray is the school registrar. She is available to assist students and parents with student records requests.

The goal of the Guidance Department is to collaborate with PHS faculty, staff, and families to help students successfully transition through high school onto their post-secondary plans. 
Please call or email the Guidance Office with any questions or to schedule an appointment.
To schedule a College Representative visit to PHS, please contact Mrs. Murray via phone or email.

Guidance Office Hours are 
7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Monday through Friday during the school year.

PHS Guidance Department Contact Information

Ms. Nichole Schultz, Professional School Counselor (Caseload A - K)

(708) 258-3236 Ext.1168

Ms. Caley Michalak, Professional School Counselor (Caseload A - K)

(708) 258-3236 Ext.1165

Mr. David Church, Professional School Counselor (Caseload L - Z)

(708) 258-3236 Ext. 1166

Mrs. Ashley Siemion, Professional School Counselor (Caseload All Students)

(708) 258-3236 Ext. 1115

Mrs. Marlene Murray, School Registrar

(708) 258-3236 Ext. 1167