Welcome to the Staff Directory page.  The teacher websites can be found by clicking on any teacher name that is in blue and underlined. 

Craig Fantin Principal

Jody Andriano English Teacher
Kathy Barger Math Teacher
Stephanie Blamble Special Education Teacher
Chris Borkenhagen Physical Education Teacher
Noah Champene English Teacher
Preston Chmura Science Teacher
Keith Coppens PE Teacher
Linda Corey Family & Consumer Science Teacher
Katie Dietrich Math Teacher
Brenda Gallagher PE Teacher
Mike Heywood Social Studies Teacher

Mary Kay Honel Art Teacher
Jordan Hopman Social Studies Teacher/Athletic Director
Logan Hurley Math Teacher
Kurt Johnson Special Education Teacher
Fred Knap Industrial Technology Teacher
Sidney Krople Ag Education Teacher
Barry Latham Science Teacher
Kara Lindsay Special Education Teacher
Renee Mathews Special Education Teacher
Chelsea McKay Choir Teacher
Jan Mead English Teacher

Justin Meyers Math Teacher
Brentt Petika Guidance Counselor, Last Names L-Z
Meridith Rietman Business & Technology Teacher
Adam Rusek Band Teacher
Belinda Schirmer Special Education Teacher
Nichole Schultz Guidance Counselor, Last Names A-K
Sheri Schubbe Media Center Specialist
Matthew Shanahan Special Education Teacher
Amanda Sokol Math Teacher
Rebecca  Porter English Teacher
Ruta Stedt School Social Worker
Steve Strough Social Studies Teacher
Luisa Suarez Spanish Teacher
Apostolos Tsiamas Physical Education Teacher

Jessica Turner Science Teacher

Elizabeth Upton

English Teacher

Earl Welsh Social Studies Teacher
Amanda Whiteside Science Teacher


Classified Staff

Sue Bartels Main Office Administrative Assistant
Cindy Welsh Main Office Administrative Assistant
Marlene Murray Guidance Office Registrar
Brenda Eberle Technology

Judy Karas Transitional Coordinator
Marcia Dalen Paraprofessional
Pam Tattersall Paraprofessional

Dawn Barber School Nurse