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ATTENTION SENIORS - Peotone Community Scholarship Information
Posted On:
Friday, December 01, 2017






 Through Dollars for Scholars by Scholarship America

 (online student scholarship application)


Through the website, students will have the ability to create a free online profile, which allows you to apply for and be matched to multiple scholarships, including the Peotone Community Scholarship, which is given at PHS graduation. The website gives you opportunities on both the local and national level—in just a couple of clicks.


Peotone Community Scholarship Association Dollars for Scholars® encourages you to begin developing your online profiles now, to assure you are alerted about scholarship opportunities in advance of deadlines. In addition to scholarships, you will also have access to exclusive volunteer and internship opportunities that may be available to you, as well as a wealth of financial aid and college success tools and resources provided by Scholarship America.


Log in to, go to Students & Parents page and create your profile to apply for scholarships you may be eligible for and to receive notices of scholarships you may be eligible for that need additional information. This includes the scholarship from the Peotone Community Scholarship Association given at graduation. Deadline for Peotone Community Scholarship Association is April 10, 2018.  NOTE: Be sure all information is complete before “Submitting” the scholarship, if you need to finish at a later time just “Save” the application to work on later.


Any questions do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Murray, PHS Registrar, in the PHS Guidance Office.


Brief directions


After logging in and going to the Students & Parents page, open each section down the left hand column to set up your profile and to see each step of the process.


1)      Set up profile – this is the template that all Scholarship America affiliates use to determine eligibility. Remember the more information you enter, the more opportunities it will open.  It is not exclusive to one scholarship. You are “registering” with Scholarship America, not applying for a specific scholarship; those opportunities will be in your “My Scholarship News”.


2)      After completing the profile, click on the “My Scholarship News” to see eligibility for different scholarships, this should be checked periodically for new scholarships. Checking once a week is highly recommended.


3)      A new screen will appear showing those scholarships for which the applicant is eligible. Click on the individual scholarships in that section where the different requirements will be listed/accessed. This is also where you will click on “submit” to individually submit each scholarship application. It will not let you submit if the application does not have all required information (i.e. our custom question).


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